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Punch For Packs Game

Peronsal Rip of 4 Packs

In a game called Punch for Packs you will get to choose 4 of 32 punch holes.  Each hole will contain a wax pack, there is a 1:32 chance of getting a Modern Pack and a 1:16 chance of getting a decent wax pack like 89 Donruss or 89 Bowman.   If you purchase more than one at a time, you will get to stay on the board for better chances at winning the better packs.   Each order will reset the punch board.  


Shipping will be collected after the break.  Cost will depend on how many of the cards you want shipped, from $1 - $3.75.  If you are in the following Monday's break, there will be no additional shipping charge unless you end up with over 16oz of shipping weight.


Packs you could see.

88 Score

89 Score

90 Score

88 Donruss

89 Donruss

90 Donruss

87 Topps

88 Topps

89 Topps

90 Topps

89 Bowman

Modern Packs (2015 and Newer)