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Jun 19

Team Draft


Edited: Jun 20

I just uploaded a new video for the Team Draft that includes information on the different Tiers we are using now.




Also, here is the link to create your Default Draft list. So you don't have to fill one out every single break. If you want something different than your default, I will use the one listed in the purchase.



New Posts
  • What did you all think of the new games in the Rip Shop? I felt like it all went pretty smooth and they worked as intended.
  • One thing that was pretty cool was after the break, you all sticking around to pick up MegaBox breaks and even individual packs of some older stuff I had. I would like to continue this, so I wanted to know what you all would be interested in having me crack by the pack? Naturally it's limited to what I can get, but I'm happy to go searching. So tell me, what years and product would you be interested in? Thanks to Brave for this idea. Thanks, Ed
  • Ok, so here is my idea. When a HIT comes, it will trigger an event that will give someone else in break a chance at a hit. The person that got the HIT will not be eligible. We will random a name from the rest of you in the break. I will then show you a card that is yours to keep, OR you can choose to take what is behind door 1, 2 or 3. They could be better than what I am offering, or worse. That person that wins the random hit will not be eligible for the next random hit. Everyone is still eligible for the free pack at the end though. Sounds fun? Might just take me some time to get the programming done.